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Following are a few of our very happy customers testimonials and photos, showing the huge difference our dentures have made to how they look and feel about themselves.

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Chris Frank

Going into see Phil about getting false teeth and how it is all done was exciting and nerve racking. As a manager my self-esteem was very low when I talked, I tried not to open my mouth and laughing was hard. Also my Heath was suffering and I was taking lots of time off work.

Phil talked to me about what he could do also asked me if I would like to have my teeth out and wait 6 weeks or if I would like to have it all done at once. Since I am a manager I said that I would like to have them out and straight in so Phil gave me brochures to take away and read up on what he could do and prices. Plus how much it will cost all up with the follow up appointment’s and also told me who I could go to, to get my teeth out. I went home to talk to my husband about it and because of my health and self-esteem we said that we would do it.

My first appointment Phil talked me through what he was doing making the first plate getting a mould of my mouth. Having to make 4 appointments with Phil. Then made appointment to have teeth removed was told that I could have the top teeth out on the Tuesday night and Wednesday Morning have the bottom ones out and the false teeth straight in I went to work on the Tuesday so I did not have to think about it . It was good that I was able to have appointments after hours with both Phil and the dentist which took the stress out of taking extra time off work. My final appointment with Phil was to show me what the teeth look like how the bite was

I have felt that Phil had made the plates to fit well. I have had my teeth in for 2 months and feel that because the fit was made right for my mouth and the false teeth went straight in they have put the pressure into the right places and I have not had much trouble with pain. I would recommend anyone to go along and talk to Phil and see what he can do for you

PS I now wish I had done this long ago my health has improved and I am feeling a lot more confidence. I would also like to say a big thank you to Phil and his team.  Thanks Chris


Chris Before


Chris After

Pauline Lawrence

My mouth problem was quickly identified by Mr Tasker who sent me onto an oral surgeon. 3 months later I began fittings for my new dentures. After minor adjustments I am very happy with them. Very satisfied with the prompt diagnosis, pleasant and professional service given to me.

Pauline After

Amanda Gower

I have been wearing dentures for 50 years.  In 2008 Phil Tasker made her present set of Ivocap Dentures and then they have just done a top and bottom reline.
This is the best set of dentures I have ever had and it feels as though I don’t have dentures in at all.

Amanda After

Jose Jefford

Jose Before

Jose After

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