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Six years ago I made the decision to have my natural teeth removed and replaced with dentures, in an attempt to ‘future proof’ my teeth in old age having seen the results of my 93 year mother still having her own teeth!!!

The initial set of dentures caused horrendous problems with many, many trips back to the dentist to fix the places where they were rubbing. I got so fed up that I sought another opinion and as soon as I walked in his door he said what a terrible fit – he did not know me and had never seen me before!

The new set were Ivocaps and eventually fitted quite well after the initial 14-16 visits to fix where they were rubbing. They were then fine for about 5 years then, as my gums shrunk, they no longer fitted and caused more problems. I went in for a reline but was told that it would be better to replace. The replacement didn’t work out either so the supplier and I agreed to disagree and call it a day!

I came across Phil Tasker in an advertisement in a Rotorua free paper so made the initial contact. At that stage I decided that denture implants along with the best available denture was the way to go.

Some beautiful teeth were made and fitted well as Phil uses a different shape on the lower denture and had taken great care to make sure that the bite was perfect. However I was committed to implants and duly went to Hamilton in December 2014 to Mr Peter Clarke to start the procedure. Titanium (2) implants, under IV sedation, were put in and covered over to heal for 2 months or so. The first week was very painful as I had a very sharp ridge of bone in the front that needed to be altered – thus I was unable to eat anything solid for at least 6 weeks – a good way to lose weight!!

Denture was put back in and all good until February 2015 when I returned to Hamilton to have the healing caps put on under a local anaesthetic. Was able to wear my lower denture immediately as Phil had made two hole in the denture to allow for this. No problems.

Returned to Hamilton 2 months later to replace the healing caps with the permanent abutments (no local anaesthetic) and the next day back to Phil to have the components put into the denture itself.

All I can say – FABULOUS!!! I can eat like a person with natural teeth. The lower denture does not move and is quite easy to unclip for cleaning. The teeth themselves are awesome as they look so natural, worth the extra expense.

If anyone is thinking of implants – go for it! It will take time as all good things do. I would also recommend Phil Tasker Dental for his care, professionalism and knowledge of how to get the best outcome for his patients.

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