How To Clean Your Dentures

Proper care of your dentures is important for both the health of your dentures and your mouth.

Here are some tips on how to keep your dentures clean, healthy and make them last longer;

    We recommend a good scrub morning and night – if you smoke and have nicotine stains or drink strong tea or coffee it may be necessary to use toothpaste and a good denture brush to remove surface stains between the teeth.  Work the paste around and between the teeth with no water,  then rinse well.

    DO NOT USE strong cleaners like Janola, as you have little control over the strength of the cleaner and they can damage the pink denture base and make your teeth opaque.

    Twice a week use a sterilizing tablet – these will sterilize your denture but do little to remove some surface staining.

    Keep your dentures in a water denture bath when not wearing them.

    If you are having problems with excessive staining, in some cases this can be a result of your medication.  Chewing gum is amongst the worst because it coats your denture with a gum which attracts stains.

     We have special cleaners that can remove all these stains in an Ultrasonic cleaner.  They are stripped then the dentures are re-polished.  Allow 2 – 3 hours for this process.

    We have  noticed that some of our patients have built up large amounts of calculus, which is a calcium build up left behind from saliva.  This can create rough crusty deposits on the fitting surface and so it is important that they are removed as it can harbor bacteria and irritate your gums.  Please do not scrape it off with a sharp instrument as it will damage the inside of your denture.  For best results come and see us and we can gently remove it in the ultrasonic with a special organic removal solution and re-polish.

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