Elite Dentures

Top of the range Denture using the Dr Jiro Abe Mandibular Suction Technique.

  • Consultation to assess intra-oral tissue type and the condition of your mucosa to create Mandibular Suction.   This is a very complex process that uses a totally different impression technique which is patient-centred with closed mouth.
  • The patient uses all the muscles during this closed mouth impression.   This allows the patient to shape the denture base to create a shape that fits the mouth perfectly and creates an optimum soft tissue seal (tongue, cheeks, lips) creating a completely passive denture with suction in the lower jaw.
  • This process is achieved using a Gnathometer which has a pin that maps all the jaw movements to achieve an accurate bite.   It also produces a Facebow recording to accurately position the replicas of the jaw in the same orientation in the articulator as in the skull.
  • This technique will give a far superior chewing ability, and a comfortable denture with minimum movement during the chewing process.   It will result in very few sore spots, and will not take long to settle in.
  • This Elite Denture also incorporates the IVOCAP process, a continuous injection molding system, which means no distortion or shrinkage during processing.
  • Patients opting for the Elite Denture with the Enhanced Mandibular Suction Technique are afforded VIP status within the Clinic and receive priority for appointments.


Appointment Timings


Initial Consultation          1  hour

  • Assess present dentures and determine improvements you would like, e.g., colour, size of tooth, lip support.
  • Study model of present denture, and study photographs (if available) taken before extractions.


1st Impression                  1.5 hours

  • Centric Tray first impression, and tooth selection.


2nd Impression, Bite        1.5 hours

  • Gnathometer mapping and Facebow recording.


Try In                                  30 minutes

  • Check appearance of teeth, and move teeth to individualize the denture.
  • Discuss characterization, and padding to increase lip support.


Finish                                 15 minutes

  • Final fitting.


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