Immediate Dentures

More and more of our patients are wanting immediate dentures these days.  They are fitted immediately after your dentist has extracted your teeth.  They help to reduce swelling, bleeding and keep the extraction area clean and free of debris.

But this is not for everybody, some patients can and prefer to let their gums heal prior to making dentures and this is a personal decision.

Reasons For Immediate Dentures:

    Having decayed and infected gums is very bad for your health

    Infected teeth can abscess continuously which introduces a bacterial infection into your blood  stream very close to your heart

Indeed (Heart Surgeons) refuse to do surgery on patients with the above condition and require a clean oral environment prior to surgery

Some of our patients have commented on how life changing it has been to have all their teeth out, but how much better  they feel health wise and psychologically

Having all your teeth extracted is a very big decision, but often necessary.  Following a comprehensive consultation with our patients where we outline and explain their options, often they are able to keep some of their teeth.

Full Upper Dentures
– re very functional and most patients will adapt well.

  1. Temporary linings are  done at 6 -8 weeks
  2. Followed by re-fitting 6 months later
  3. Unfortunately your denture will still become loose and require further re-fitting.

Immediate dentures do not always fit well due to your gums undergoing rapid changes in shape as they heal.

Full Lower Dentures – are far less user friendly, so a partial is preferable in the lower.

  1. We do a temporary lining in your dentures 6 – 8 weeks after your extractions.  This is built into the immediate fee and is done chair side taking approximately 1.5 hours.
  2. Then a permanent reline needs to be carried out 6 months later.  This removes the temporary lining and replaces all the pink part of your denture.
  3. Often another reline 12 months later is necessary due to ongoing shrinkage..

Rates of shrinkage vary from patient to patient and can be dependent on;

    The difficulty of extractions

    Number of teeth

    Health of the gums

    Bone density

Some other operators follow a different protocol after extraction, but you need to realize that Immediate Dentures are often only a temporary set of dentures to get you through the healing process and usually a far more aesthetic denture can be made 1 -2 years later when all the gums have shrunk and tissue is healed.   Then the teeth can be better positioned and in some cases of extreme shrinkage, especially in the anterrior region, patients can lose a lot of vertical dimension and lip support.

Immediate Denture patients often require far more post surgery care adjustment and then relining of their dentures, than a patient that has had their teeth out for 10 years.

It’s not just about getting your teeth out and a denture in, end of story!

You need to be aware of what occurs post extraction and what on-going care your health provider is giving you and how much it will cost you.

Our Immediate Denture package includes;

    All adjustments

    A temporary lining at 6 -8 weeks which takes you to the 6 month stage

    Then charge for your permanent reline at 6 months

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